Smooth Sailing With Options

RBLX.  Crappy little stock with no earnings and not something I’d trade myself.  But one of my friends wanted to try it because of the insanely high weekly premium and wanted me to do the trading.  So back in March I sold puts on it in his account and soon got assigned at $48.  I’d actually made a couple of bucks by then, but we’ll start at $48.  With the big drop in the market this year it soon hit a low of $21.88.  Pretty ugly, but the weekly premium was nice.  Right now calls are paying like 7% a week at the money.
The history:

Got assigned April 22th 2022 at $48. 

Sold 85% POS or thereabouts covered calls every week since, and got blown out three times and had to roll out and up at no profit for those trades.
RBLX is now $50.49, finally in the green.  I made $6172 in premium to date.  Started with 400 shares assigned at $48, which is $19,200 invested.
$6172 divided into $19,200 is 32% gain, April to August.  And now I can sell calls close to the money and really knock back the premium (7%!) until I get assigned and let it go. 

Or quit, that’s not such a bad year.

I love this hobby.

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